Mini Quad Grid Sketchbook
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Mini Quad Grid Sketchbook

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  • Mini 1/8" quadrille grid paper with slid 1/4" lines and dotted 1/8" lines
  • Use as a pocket size sketchbook for ideas, designs and journaling
  • 5" x 7" sketchbook is saddle-stitched with a soft kraft cover and 60 pages printed on both sides with light teal ink
  • Contains a handy table of geometric formulas and principles on back cover
  • Light teal ink on inside pages
  • Fits in jeans back pocket and B6 travelers notebook covers

Mini Quad grid pages offer a minimal quadrille grid design at 1/8" increments dotted and 1/4" increments solid. Great for smaller design work like logos and hand-lettering work or drawing quick builds and taking dimensions.